Akbaba İsmail Özseçkin Primary School is located in a town by the Bosphorus, İstanbul . There is both a primary school ( 1., 2., 3. and 4th grades) and a secondary school in the same building. We have got two classes of pre school and one class which educates students with Special Educational Needs and another one for students with language learning difficulties. We have got 650 students in our school. Some of our students live in the town , some of the students live far from here but they come to the school by the service buses that the government arranges .
There are 30 teachers in our school. Most of our teachers are young teachers. We have some more experienced teachers who are guides for us in our long way of being good teachers.
Our mission as a school is to raise students who are qualified, determined, honest, reliable and well educated. We know the importance of cooperation between school , students, parents and environment so we give importance to these facts as well.
Our perspective of a qualified education is a student can only be successful in an environment where he/ she feels himself important and satisfied .We are doing our best to give our students the feeling of being important and self confident.
This is our first Comenius Partnership and we have an eager team who are willing to do the best for this project. This project will bring a new aspect both to our students and our teachers and also the area that we live in . It is important from the point of being a ” we” , not you and me , the participants in the partnership may feel the feeling of European Unity.

School Website: http://akbabai.meb.k12.tr/

An Introductory Film of Our School:  http://youtu.be/9v9djuZDUDs

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