Ogre Primary school is a public school with 555 students aged from 7 to 12 years.

This is the second year when there is a licensed program for children with special education needs at our school. To provide inclusive education, there is one special class and some students with special education needs are integrated in the regular classes. Teachers at our school do a really great effort in modifying and improving their teaching methods and materials for students with different learning motivation, skills and abilities to meet current student needs.

After lessons students can attend different interest groups, art and sport activities and most of them spend at school really long hours and safe, friendly and positive environment is very important for their comprehensive development.

There are many students who come from Russian and other minority families. As their mother tongue isn’t Latvian, a lot of work must be done with improving their ability to speak and write in Latvian and they have to be introduced with Latvian culture as well. The new challenge is Latvians, who return to school after their families have lived abroad for a long time, and their native language is also really poor.

One of school’s priorities is cooperation with student’s parents. We are searching for new forms to involve parents in different kind of school’s activities, but still there a lot of work must be done to improve the situation with problematic families, where we meet such problems as divorce, lack of child care, children abuse, domestic violence, full-time working parents and family conflicts. Many students are from families with low- income.

This project will help to share experience and examples of good practice with teachers from other participating countries, motivate our students to acquire foreign languages, increase their self-confidence by showing their competences and talents.

Work on the project will be a great acquirement for every participating member’s individual and the school’s overall development.

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