Comenius Meeting in Latvia

Comenius Meeting in Latvia

PROGRAMME OF THE THIRD MEETING IN LATVIA of the European project “Creating a positive school environment for learning”

9th of May

19:15 Meeting at the hotel “Club 1934”in Ogre.
19:30 Dinner in the 9th floor’s Red hall at the hotel.
22:10 Italian partners arrive.

10th of May

8:30 Breakfast.
9:40 Meeting at the hotel’s hall.
10:00 Visit to Ogre Primary school.
11:00 Visit to town Hall.
12:00 Welcome meeting at the school’s assambley.
13:30 Lunch. Restaurant “Policijas akadēmija” .
14:30 Free time to rest at the hotel.
15:30 Departure to Riga.
19:00 Attending the performance  G.Verdi „Nabucco” in   Latvian National Opera .
22:00 Dinner. Restaurant  Salaspils “Četras pēdas”.

11th of May

08:00 Breakfast.
09:00 Departure to capital city Riga.
10:00 The Ethnographic Open-Air museum.
12:00 Walking tour around Riga centre,  Old Riga. St.Peter’s church.
Free time.
18:00 Dinner. Recreation centre  „Lido”.

12th of May

07:30 Breakfast.
08:45  Bus to Ogre Primary school.
09:40 Visit at Ogre Primary school. Observing the learning process.
10:40 Teachers’ project meeting.
13:30 Lunch at school.
14:30 Activities in the school’s assambley.
15:30 Interactive workshops.
16:30 Walking tour around Ogre.
18:00 Coffee break.
19:00 Sport activities at school.
20:00 National food prepared by parents.

13th of May

09:00 Visit to Skrīveri. Bus tour. Candy factory+boat+memorial sight “Likteņdārzs” ,bakery “Liepkalni”.
Lunch. Bakery – cafe “Liepsalas”
21:00 Farewell dinner

14th of May

Departure. Bus to the airport at 11 a.m.

15th of May

Departure of Turkish group  11.a.m.

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