3rd meeting Latvia

Activities from February to June 2014

  1. Students’ Council Meeting 19-III-2014
  2. Students’ Id Teddy bear cards
  3. Students’ letters
  4. Answer to Latvia’s Spring Cards
  5. Implementing the Spanish proposal for an innovate teaching method


Students’ Council Meeting 19-III-2014

We remember the function of the delegates:

-To gather the proposals of improvement, suggestions, requests, etc from the students of his class.

-To report to his classes what it’s spoken in these meetings.

-To make understand to his/her classes that if we all take part positively and we contribute with ideas, the college will work better.

Things that they have improved:

– Some classes go up stairs in order and silence.

– There are many more children who greet and smile when they meet with other mates or teachers.

– Silent reading is done in the mornings and we use the relaxationhabitually.

Though in general most of the things work well we must improve:

– The level of noise in the dining room.

– The green patrol.

– Do not throw papers to the soil.

Volunteers are asked …:

– To gather and to organize table games for the playtime.

– Students from the 4th grade are responsible of warning every day the others students to do the green patrol to avoid oversights.


The proposal most repeated from the classes are:

– To bring fewer bricks and aluminum foil to the college to generate less rubbish.

– To put swings in the 1st cycle playground (though it depends on the town hall and already baskets are asked)

– To put networks in goals, baskets and also posts and networks of volleyball.

– to solve the smells of the bathrooms.

– to give to the classes material to play in the playtime (balls, ropes…).


Implementing the Spanish proposal for an innovate teaching method

We have continued working the emotional intelligence and the relaxation in order to come easier to our pupils and to improve his concentration and through it his level of learning.

We have also implemented the humour in our classrooms to improve the environment and to relax the pupils who that way obtains better results.

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