2nd Meeting in Spain

Activities from October 2013 to February 2014

1. Implementation of the Greek proposal for an innovative teaching method. The Greek innovative teaching method was taken during English extra classes with students from middle school.
First, the students saw the film Nikos Kazantzakis a restive traveler, then they were asked to express their impressions about it. They learnt some new words during the lesson, too. Then, they drew pictures showing their emotions connected with the film and how did they remember it. On the second lesson, students watched the animated story about Nikos Kazantzakis once again in order to do the WH –questions exercise and revise the past simple tense. They were also asked to explain the famous quotations from the film. Then, they were divided into groups to prepare a biography about the famous Greek writer and philosopher. They gathered the needed information and then, they made a PowerPoint presentation. Students were also asked to evaluate this innovative teaching method by filling in the evaluation form.

2. Survey about attitudes and feelings of our students for their school. 
The survey was conducted among young students from 1st grade of the primary school, students from 4th – 6th grades of primary school and students from middle school ( 1st and 2nd grades). The drawing of the graphs and the power point presentation was done in the computer class.

3. Exchange of Christmas cards
Students made their own Christmas cards, which were sent to the partners’ schools in Greece, Spain, Turkey, Latvia and Italy. They also received the hand-made Christmas cards from students from Spain. All the works were exhibited on the special school display during the Christmas time.

4. Contest for the project logo.
We organized the school competition for the best design for the project logo. The winners were Marcelina Dykas (2nd year, middle school), Nina Lignar (6th year, primary school). Their works took part in the second stage of the competition in Spain.


5. European garden
We divided the seeds into two groups: primary school group and middle school group. In November, the 4th grade students planted the seeds from Greece, Spain, Latvia, Turkey, Italy and Poland. They did it during their Science classes. The middle school group is going to plant their seeds in March 2014 (photos)




6. European flags (trash art)
This activity was a real fun for the students. They did their flags during the extra classes during the winter break. The works are made of different “waste” materials. Everyone who visits our school can admire them as they decorate the school hall.

trash art 1

trash art

7. Students’ communication (Poland – Latvia).

We managed to communicate with Latvian students twice, in December and February.

P1050070 P1050061 P1050038

8. My town
Preparation for the 2nd students’ camp and for the 2nd meeting in Spain. Students create a power point presentation of their town in order to present it in the 2nd students’ meeting in Spain. Students from partners’ schools exchanged also photos of their towns and organized school displays of the photos.

Presentation of My town

Our additonal task:
9. Teddy Bear Day (Poland)
In our school the Students European Club every year organizes the Teddy Bear Day, which is held on 25th November. Students can take part in the competition for the best drawing of a EURO Bear. This year, The Euro Bear was supposed to “wear” colours of Comenis project countries. Let’s see the best Comenius Bears…




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